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Joe Webb is the best internet trainer HANDS DOWN! we met him at our 20 group and we have been a client ever since. he started with our struggling internet department selling a few cars a month and skyrocketed us to 30 - 40 cars per month. He has helped us in our employee recruitment, our internet process, vendor selection and negotiation. He is truly wonderful and i recommend him to everyone looking for a serious boost in their volume! (plus he is really funny) – Kristin Haynes, GSM, Team Auto Group

Joe Webb is a phenomenal trainer. His knowledge level in the industry rivals people who have been in the automobile business for 50+ years, combined with a "today" approach that ensures that you are getting every last drop out of the internet/BDC department to maximize profits for the dealership. He is tireless, taking phone calls constantly, working with me to set up this department, and a great sounding board, as well. My respect level of Joe is the extreme highest one can achieve in our business. The BDC is up and running and quickly producing phenominal numbers with his guiding hand, managing through the issues that arise to get the end result - success. – Deb Lyons, BDC Manager, Anderson Auto Group

I’ve known Joe for many years and have recommended him to clients many times. I've seen Joe's results as both a retail e-Commerce Director and as a consultant, writer and speaker. He is very knowledgeable and takes great care to see his clients succeed. He puts forth 110% for each client and redefines the meaning of the phrase "goes above and beyond". I would recommend any business seeking training and/or services offered that he offers to consider him with full confidence. – Arnold Tijerina, Director of Community and Dealer Services, DrivingSales

Since my introduction to Joe a little over a year ago I have had the opportunity to work with him on several projects. I have also had the privilege of hearing Joe speak at several events including digital dealer conferences and NADA. Joe is extremely detail oriented and forward thinking with ingenuity to spare. I look forward to working with Joe in the future and recommend Joe to anyone interested in an Internet Sales consulting. Joe Webb’s enthusiasm and dedication is both inspiring and motivating.” – Mo Zahabi, Senior Product Manager of OEM and National Accounts, VinSolutions

“Joe Webb is the elite when it comes to e-commerce and digital marketing in the automotive industry. He is not only the funniest guy in the car business, but he is also one of the smartest. Joe is multifaceted, multitalented, and…..just multi, multi! His innovation and intellect are so far beyond that he is not only thinking into the next century, but into the next millennium. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Joe, presenting with Joe, and being Joe’s partner. I count Joe as not only a man of integrity and honor, but a man of true talent. Joe is talented beyond most people’s conceptualization of what talent is. I am honored to call Joe my friend. He is truly the real deal.” – Gilbert Chavez, General Sales Manager, Automotive Avenues

“In a wilderness of mirrors where nobody is often whom they appear to be, Joe Webb is indeed the real deal. Charismatic to the max, boundlessly creative, totally determined, unfailingly persistent, Joe possesses that unique ability to transform a dysfunctional organization's methodologies and frozen in place workforce by collaborating with a client to craft a seamless plan for evolutionary change and by implementing that plan with confidence, precision and rigorous follow up. Most importantly, Joe's engaging, powerful personality works wonders by empowering him to sell with certainty a course-changing game plan to an often fearful, skeptical audience of client employees with varying degrees of exposure to progressive e-commerce trends. Joe is the best of the best in a very competitive industry. I consider myself extremely fortunate to know Joe Webb and to be able to call upon him 24 x 7 for assistance in growing my business in these challenging times.” – Christopher Ferris, Business Development Manager, AutoFair Ford


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"Joe Webb - Professional Speaker, Writer, Trainer and Lover... of Digital Marketing".  Joe is known as the "funniest person in the auto industry."  No one is better at teaching you and your dealership group on the best practices of increasing your online profitability and Internet sales volume.  He speaks consistently at NADA 20 Groups, Conferences, NCM 20 Groups, State Dealer Associations, dealership summits, car dealerships, and beyond.  He is the founder of DealerKnows Consulting (otherwise known as Dealer Knows Consulting)  
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