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Joe Webb - 20 Group Speaker - Automotive Speaker - Dealership Consultant - Sales Trainer - Social Media expat Joe Webb - 20 Group Speaker - Automotive Speaker - Dealership Consultant - Sales Trainer - Social Media expat Joe Webb - 20 Group Speaker - Automotive Speaker - Dealership Consultant - Sales Trainer - Social Media expat

Joe Webb has a true passion for the automotive internet sales environment and shares his knowledge with dealership personnel everywhere he speaks.  He’s been a top-rated speaker at multiple Digital Dealer Conferences, the Innovative Dealer Summit, SunStar e-Summit, NADA 20 Groups, NCM 20 Groups, and Digital Marketing Strategies Conference.  Joe can customize any Internet Sales and eCommerce presentation for your group.  Some of the regular, sought-after sessions Joe Webb delivers are:

In the Trenches:  Creating a Successful Lead Management Process
- How to create engaging templates that elicit replies
- How to incorporate multimedia into your follow-up process
- How to direct a prospect from lead to appointment to show through email and phone
- How to capture online market share from your local competitors
- How to negotiate with a researched, in-store customer

Selection, Hiring, Orientation and Training for the Internet Department and BDC
- Where to find top-notch talent for your Internet team
- How to properly recruit the best candidates
- How to create a detailed interview process
- What are the best interview questions to find the right fit
- How to develop an orientation process for new hires

Social Media Strategies
- How to brand your dealership name through social networking
- What sites are best for engaging online consumers
- How to best connect with users of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the rest
- How to staff and structure your social media efforts within your dealership

Joe Webb prides himself on being a researched, approachable thought-leader in automotive and has a proven track record on bring dealerships digital marketing sales success.  To have Joe speak at your conference, summit, or 20 group, please contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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"Joe Webb - Professional Speaker, Writer, Trainer and Lover... of Digital Marketing".  Joe is known as the "funniest person in the auto industry."  No one is better at teaching you and your dealership group on the best practices of increasing your online profitability and Internet sales volume.  He speaks consistently at NADA 20 Groups, Conferences, NCM 20 Groups, State Dealer Associations, dealership summits, car dealerships, and beyond.  He is the founder of DealerKnows Consulting (otherwise known as Dealer Knows Consulting)  
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