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  • How to Improve Your Digital Competitiveness in 2017

    Want to hear three different viewpoints on what dealers can d0 to improve their position in 2017? In this week’s video conversation with VinAdvisor, we share Steps to Improve Your Digital Competitiveness in 2017. Watch on as Jim Dykstra of, Joe Webb of and Scott Larrabee of discuss identifying local opportunities to enhance sales effectiveness, how to invest in select digital channels, knowing your audience, going mobile, and the power of training.

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  • Sales Tip #1: Gravy Should Be the Meal

    The word “Gravy” is used in sales when something extra happens that is a benefit to you. It’s something that wasn’t expected, or additional profit that was made beyond the structured deal. In automotive retail, for instance, the majority of salespeople’s sold deals come from customers walking onto the showroom floor, being greeted, and subsequently buying a vehicle. If a customer is given to them from the Business Development Center or Internet team, it is considered Gravy. Likely a deal the salesperson wouldn’t have obtained otherwise. If they conveniently catch a phone up and, with little enticing, that shopper ends …

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  • Get Treated Right

    DealerKnows is proud to create outside-of-the-box videos on behalf of our dealer clients.  They use these both in their online advertising, as well as a part of their lead nurturing of clients and prospects. Check out the second video in our series of Arlington Toyota shorts, “Get Treated Right” and see why Laura blames the dealership for her break-up with her boyfriend. Starring: Laura Penn Don Westphal Fred Byrd Rolland Purcell Joe Webb Written by: Joe Webb Directed: David Hudson Joe Webb Shot and Edited by: David Hudson Call on DealerKnows to make great dealership videos for you.

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  • 10 Ways Sales Managers Fail

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The role of sales manager is the most important position in any retail operation. A great one can become the internal engine driving the sales team. A successful manager is the motivating force behind profit growth. A dedicated sales manager is the training arm that keeps the education of product and process front and center. Yet, a bad sales manager can kill enthusiasm, cripple cooperation, and condone bad habits. While working alongside auto dealerships and small businesses to improve their communication, engagement and performance metrics, much of my training focuses on the …

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  • Ford Dealers: Don’t Discount the Ford Private Offer

    Ford Motor Company is doing their due diligence to retain happy customers on your behalf. Are you helping the cause or dropping the ball? If you’re unaware, the manufacturer is sending out “Ford Private Offers” to targeted Ford owners in your area with additional discounts. This direct mail piece involves information on current models, along with a card offering an additional discount on any new offer above and beyond the manufacturer’s regional incentive. In other words, it is an opportunity for prospective buyers (that are already Ford owners) to trade up and receive a second discount above the rebate (and …

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  • Taking the “Too Much” out of Follow-Up

    As children, we invariably learn the lesson that eating too much can make us sick. I vividly remember the time when I was six years old, and I ate a double scoop of chocolate chip mint right after finishing a hot dog with ketchup and onions. I mean, if a little treat was good, wouldn’t a bunch of treats be better? It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time, that is until it ended as a “CODE PLAID!” for my poor aunt. Too much was too much. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it’s my job to find out what works …

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  • One Important Reminder About Ratings and Reviews

    “Ratings and reviews drive our business.” “Can you leave me a 5-star rating?” “Only excellent across the board will do.” “Would you be willing to give me a testimonial?” “Your feedback means the world to us.” We have been inundated with the belief that ratings, reviews, customer testimonials, and CSI scores are the gateway to more business, higher traffic counts, and increased profits. But not all testimonials are written by customers. There are others ratings and reviews you should be leveraging to build a case with your clients. Garnering ratings on your business or employees are just two review strategies of …

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  • Do You Tighten Your CRM Belt?

    I spend more time thinking about CRMs than I should. Even if a perfect one existed, users of the tool would find a way to mess it up. Last week I was reviewing how a lead was handled on behalf of a dealer client. While the salesperson handling the prospect was checking the “complete” box for each fulfilled task assigned to them, there were zero notes. No details of contact or attempted contact. No attempts to offer anything exceptional. And this was the salesperson utilizing the CRM best at the store. I’ve come to analogize a CRM being like a belt. A belt that …

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  • I Have a Vehicle Recall. Now What?

    So you have a vehicle recall. What do you do now? I joined the folks at VinAdvisor to share our advice on how to handle your vehicle recall.

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  • Ask the Experts with Joe Webb: From ISM to Internet Director

    Hi! I have an interview as an Internet Director at a high volume dealership my friend works at. I however, have only ever been an ISM at a small RV dealership. I’m not worried about the role of a BDC/Internet Sales Manager, but am afraid I am out of my depth as an actual director. What tools are in my toolbox to become an expert? Thanks, Austin ________________________________________ My apologies, Austin. I have no idea how your Ask the Experts question slipped through the cracks these last few days, but I’m here for you now. First off, congratulations on landing …

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